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Get Humane Raccoon Removal in Toronto

Raccoons can cause major damage to property so it is crucial that they are removed. At 360 Wildlife Control, we strive to provide you with cost effective and efficient raccoon removal service while making sure no animals are hurt in the process. Our technicians will utilize their skills and experience to create a method that will safely remove the raccoon. We focus on the animal’s behavior and habits. This dictates what our action plan will be.

What Threats Do Wild Raccoons Pose?

When wild raccoons feel threatened, they can turn vicious. This is why it is important to contact a specialist to remove the animal from your property.

  • Wild raccoons’ droppings are filled with disease, which can spread throughout your property quickly.
  • Raccoons also have a habit of destroying attic insulation, chewing wires, and causing other types of expensive damage to your home.

Where Do Raccoons Typically Nest?

Raccoons tend to nest in spaces that are safe from predators and the elements. Therefore attics, chimneys, walls and under the decks are prime areas. Raccoons enter usually by tearing open holes into areas they believe will be a good nesting location. This can be your roof, vent, or pipes.

How Are Raccoons Removed?

One of the most common raccoon removal methods includes a one-way door over the entry hole used by the raccoon. This method allows raccoons to easily leave but once they are out, they will not be able to reenter due to the device. However if there are baby raccoons involved, they must be removed physically. This is so they can be safely removed and reunited with their mothers. We will place the babies in a “baby box” near the entry hole to wait for the mother. When the mother returns she can then transport them to a new and safe location.

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Get Safe and Humane Wildlife Control in Toronto

At 360 Wildlife Control, we focus on providing exceptional humane pest control services to homeowners and business owners in the Toronto-area. Our technicians are skilled in the removal of squirrels, raccoons, groundhogs, skunks, bats and more. Our main goal is to safely remove the unwanted animal from your residence safely. We pride ourselves on our respect for animals and this has made 360 Wildlife Control a go-to choice for humane wildlife control in the greater Toronto area.

Wildlife Removal Services

One of our skilled technicians will be at your property within 24 hours of your call. Once there, the technician will execute an extensive 18-point inspection to locate the animal’s entry point and to identify the species. From the information gathered, the technician will then create a cost effective plan to safely remove the animal.

It is important to us that our technicians are educated in animal biology and behavior so that they are prepared for any situations that may arise. They are able to utilize this knowledge in order to remove each species safely. By calling 360 Wildlife Control, we ensure that the removal of the animal will be smooth and ultimately safe for the animals involved.

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Repair and Prevention Services

Once the animal is removed from your property it is imperative that they do not return. This is why we offer repair and prevention services.
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